Welcome to Game Changers

It has been another outstanding year in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences at The University of Queensland.

Through a growing number of meaningful partnerships both internally between the six schools and five research centres that make up the Faculty and externally with major public and private health care providers, NGOs and industry partners of all kinds it has been possible over the past 12 months to advance the kind of inter-professional education and interdisciplinary research that will ultimately result in improved health care and health outcomes.

Our academic staff continue to lead the way in reshaping the training of future healthcare professionals and the interdisciplinary and translational nature of their research is poised to deliver real health, social, and cost benefits for patients and for the community, as well as the state and national economies.

Given that it is our devoted staff, our talented alumni, our enthusiastic students, and our valued partnerships that drive our success, I am delighted that we are able to highlight some of their stories here in Game Changers.

In this issue, we examine the innovative techniques researchers in the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences are using to tackle potential threats to the environment and human health, and the mindfulness processes used by one of our eminent psychologists to improve the quality of life of those suffering Multiple Sclerosis.

The first female dental Head of School in Australasia outlines the many changes in the UQ School of Dentistry that are providing additional dental services to those that need them most, and our inaugural industry-funded Professor of Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health details her work to build the evidence base for models of service delivery and treatments of substance use and mental health issues.

We find out how the UQ School of Pharmacy is preparing students for the changing landscape of health care systems, and about the major boost in health education, training and research that is coming to rural southern Queensland.

The Director of Allied Health & Workforce Development at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health, who is also a UQ alumnus, shares her inspiring dedication to grow interprofessional student placements.

I hope you enjoy these, and other stories about the Faculty’s activities, in Game Changers.


Professor Bruce Abernethy
Executive Dean
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
The University of Queensland